We at Velociti Innovations highly believe that simple initiatives have the power to transform lives. Just like most of our community outreach programs, Velociti Ranger Corp was a simple idea that has come a long way resulting in a lot of hope for the future.

Focusing on the next generation didn’t require a lot of brainstorming. They will start shaping the world that we live in soon. So providing better opportunities and guidance for them should be a high priority for any community.

Information Technology is ready to change our lives through the decades to come. As an exciting group of IT professionals, we thought that our expertise alone could do amazing things when it comes to changing young lives with early exposure to better education, social and language skills along with proper guidance.

One thing that we noticed was the eagerness and interest that young children have towards Information Technology. In their eyes, we are superstars! The positive and life-changing impact a group of IT experts can have on a young group of children who are passionate about achieving amazing feats is something that many companies and even our leaders have never realized.

Velociti Ranger Corp helps aspiring children between the ages of 15 to 18 by exposing them to a life-changing program which involves leadership development, community enrichment, and most importantly, guidance for post-high school education and exposure to professional work environments and ethics.

Our program aims to guide young minds with career and academic enrichment, financial and entrepreneurial education, and community service to ensure that young students achieve their dreams and true potential.

Velociti Ranger Corp is excited about our pilot project which aims to provide 12 bright students carefully selected from six rural schools. These students come from underprivileged families and communities. It’s a once in a lifetime journey which aims to develop their social skills, educational development, language skills, and planning of their higher studies through expert mentoring in highly positive environments.

We believe that our program will be a much-needed boost to these bright young minds to become valuable members of their communities irrespective of their backgrounds. They will finally be able to rise above insufficient access to educational facilities, freedom, and support due to the unfortunate circumstances of their families and communities.